Michael B. Green

Director Since:  2001
Age: 67
End of Current Term:  2020
Other Public Company Boards: None

Mr. Green served as the president and chief executive officer of Capital Region Health Care and Concord Hospital, Concord, New Hampshire, from 1992 until his retirement in January 2014. In addition, Mr. Green currently serves as a director of Concord General Mutual Insurance Company (“Concord General”), including membership on the executive and governance committees, and chair of the audit committee; a director of Green Mountain Insurance Company, which is an affiliate company of Concord General; a director of New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp including membership on the investment and compensation committees; and as vice chairman of Merrimack County Savings Bank, including membership on the investment and audit committees, and chair of the compensation committee. Mr. Green formerly served on the board of the Foundation for Healthy Communities.